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Issues Log

Thu 23 Nov 2023 09:00:00 AEST Next day public FCAS Bid Data delayed
ez2ViewHosted MMS

Update - Thursday 23st November 2023 5pm NEM Time

We have manually fixed the issue and loaded FCAS bids for the 22/11/2023 trading day. FCAS bids should now be up to date in ez2view. We are still awaiting an official response or a fix from AEMO.

Original Report

Next day public FCAS bids have not loaded into our MMS database on time this morning. This is affecting display of FCAS bids in ez2view and will also affect any customers with a direct MMS database connection.

Further investigation of this issue has shown that the root cause seems to be a corrupt file published by AEMO for today’s FCAS bids. We have contacted AEMO and are awaiting further information.

Wed 22 Nov 2023 13:10:00 AEST High database load 2 hours
ez2ViewNEMreviewHosted MMS

Update: Query loads are now back to normal.

Our main MMS database is performing poorly at the moment due to unusually large query volumes.

Some customers who may have time aggregated trends in NEM review may experience results taking longer than usual to load. Customers with certain ez2view widgets may also experience intermittent slow data refresh times. Customers directly connecting to the Public Data Hosted MMS may also be experiencing slow query performance.

We are monitoring the situation and expect it to resolve when the query load reduces. We will take further action if problems persist. We thank you for your patience.

Wed 15 Nov 2023 15:15:00 AEST ez2View FCAS Bid Data

Update - Tuesday 21st November 2023 10am NEM Time

We have released v9.8.5.28 of ez2View to fix issues with the FCAS bid data. Versions of ez2View before this will now show an empty day of FCAS bid data instead of inaccurate bid stacks, you will need to update to v9.8.5.28 or above to view FCAS bid data for these days.

Update - Thursday 16th November 2023 10am NEM Time

We are still working on a fix. Additionally the FCAS bid data for trading day 15 November 2023 is now also incomplete.

Original report

It has come to our attention that FCAS bids as displayed in Ez2View Bids & Offers and other widgets for NEM trading days 10 November 2023 and 14 November 2023 are currently incomplete in ez2view and display incorrectly. The data for these days should not currently be relied upon. We are aware of the issue and working on a resolution.

Fri 10 Nov 2023 07:00:00 AEST ez2View Energy Bid Data 2 hours

The generation of the required resources for ‘next day public’ Energy bid data in ez2View (Bid Details Widget) was delayed this morning. Customers using ez2View may have experienced issues accessing up-to-date bid data in ez2View.

As of 7:40am NEM time the issue has been resolved.

Mon 2 Oct 2023 13:25:00 AEST Trading prices for the WEM missing

Since 10 am NEM time, 8am WA time, on 1 October 2023, the live publication of energy prices has been absent from the WEM data webpage and an issue with the timestamps in the relevant file has impacted ingestion of total actual generation values.

An incident has been logged with AEMO. We are monitoring the webpage for changes and updates on resolution from AEMO. Products will be impacted if they include user-defined trends that require the missing WA data.